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Engineering concrete batching plant

The purchaser of the engineering concrete batching plant is generally built next to the construction site, and is mainly used on a certain project. The configuration is relatively simple and can meet the concrete required for the production of the project. Commonly used models of engineering concrete batching plants are: HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90. The main engine adopts the forced concrete mixers JS750, JS1000 and JS1500. If you want to use it in multiple projects, the mixing machine can use JS2000 and JS3000 to produce higher level. The engineering concrete batching plant can produce plastic, dry hard, semi-dry hard and various proportions of concrete. The engineering concrete batching plant is mainly used for a lot of self-use, and the equipment configuration is low, which will save some costs. The equipment of the engineering batching plant is small and easy to install. At the construction site, the position selectivity is much larger.

Engineering concrete batching plant

Q: What is the difference between an engineering concrete batching plant and a commercial concrete batching plant?

Answer: The engineering concrete batching plant is generally built next to the construction site. It is mainly used on a certain project. The general configuration is relatively simple, which can meet the concrete required for the production of this project. The purchaser is mainly used to produce concrete for personal use.

The purchaser of the concrete batching plant is to sell the concrete in the future, mainly to sell the concrete business, according to the different requirements of the demander, the corresponding concrete is sold to the customer. Therefore, in general, the commercial concrete equipment is generally configured to meet the needs of different customers.

The main difference:

1 According to the type of admixture, the number and form of the admixture designed by the difference of the cement label (whether or not adding fly ash, etc.), the difference between the size and the number of cement silos. Generally, there are few types of admixtures and cement labels for concrete batching plant. The number of admixtures and the number of cement silos are correspondingly smaller.

2. The general engineering concrete does not need to be sealed, etc., and the structure is relatively simple; the commercial concrete generally has an outer seal, and the customer pursues aesthetics and environmental protection, and the structure is relatively large.

3. In the case of the same output, the price of the general commercial concrete batching plant is higher, which is a high match.

Q: How to determine the address of the construction concrete batching plant

Answer: 1. The batching plant site should be selected in a non-prosperous area with convenient transportation and concentrated concrete usage.

2. The site selection is slightly higher and the site cannot accumulate water.

3. The geological conditions of the plant are good, the geological requirements are hard, and the ground settlement can be effectively prevented.

4. The site selection should consider the transportation distance of concrete.

5, environmental factors, try to avoid the upper hurricane of the residential area.

6. The construction site uses water and electricity to meet production and living needs.

7. The combination of permanent and temporary buildings should be adopted according to the needs of production and living, so as to minimize the amount of land acquisition, demolition, and reclamation.


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